Monday, January 7, 2013

Corruption in Pakistan

Why Pakistan is falling day by day? Sir I'm student of 9th Class in Pakistan. I want to see my country in the list of Developed countries. Everyone in this world is needed money but some people get it by doing work mean they do right work and earn money. But some people wanted to get money without doing any work any job any business any other thing etc. They wanted to be millionaire in a night, which is wrong. They take wrong way for earning and get money. Which is not white many, they earn black money. In this case many people get money by wrong way according to his will. In this field Pakistani people are the master of the world they serve you with hundred and thousands ways of this type. But many people in the Pakistan trust it that these ways of earning are wrong. But many people wanted to get money, if the way of earning is worn or right. In this field Pakistani Politicians are on top of the list. I want to see my country safe from all the bad evils. But I'm just one, I want to see all Pakistani people aware about all these bad diseases and want that they stop this type of bad evils. So, I want to be writer and write something good for people first of all I'm starting from this paragraph.
Corruption is very bad evil.It is day by day increasing and it has spreading in the World. It is the most biggest reason that our politicians who is also involve in this evil and making money for themselves. They want to get Dollars and only Dollars and they are getting. They wanted only money either country is destroyed. Therefore,the stranded of Pakistan is falling day by day and it is not doing development in the world but Pakistan's in the way of development behind for many countries. The many other country has prevented this bad evil and doing development.Today Pakistan is passing through the difficult times in the history of Pakistan.That's why now,Pakistan is not need of the corrupt politicians but those mangers who are educated and sensible they can save the Pakistan from the corruption and Pakistan can do development in the World. I'm a student and my age is 15 years when i want to see my country in good condition why they people do not look after for their country? why they did not think about it? why they also want to get only money? In Pakistan most people are Muslims and wrong way of earning is not allowed in Islam. But they don't think about it. Allah may bless him with thinking of this type.
Some corrupt politicians in Pakistan 
Master of Theft 
This man is maintaing his 1st Position in Pakistan.
Presiden Asif Ali Zardari Degree(PHD in Theft). 

 This man is Student of President Asif Ali Zardari
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf standing on 2nd Position in Theft Mafiya.