Sunday, September 4, 2011

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  • gunsnkars
    11-02 01:18 PM
    Couldn't disagree more with kaisersose or guns. GC system as it exists is rubbish and ugly in many ways- but as bad as it is that's what's legal and in place now so we have to go thru that and if possible, make it better along the way appealing to the saner elements of the society. Brain drain is tricky - you guys are honest enough to admit to not having it so theres clearly no drain there but other programmers will disagree. Some history lesson's also in order - will do it later. But that's why america needs me - i'm an annoying reminder to its core value(related to immigration) when a section forgets it or finds it inconvenient or abhorrent- and if i were to shed some modesty-and i'm going to-, i'd grandly say i'm here to remind some countrymen about what it means to quintessentially be an American

    Mr.Swamy..First of all please read my post I meant 80% of the people which might not include Einstein's like u..Oh!!Wait a minute if you are Einstein y r u here in the first place!!U can be anywhere! And if you are that good of a programmer ur company will do anything to keep you..No immigration issues there...what are you crying about..Getting a GC and switching employers for more money!!Way to go buddy...I am with u on that!!..Everyone has their own hidden agenda and I am willing to accept it...

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  • sanjaymm
    11-04 07:46 AM

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  • md_alien
    03-13 09:47 AM
    Thanks OP for mining out this information. Thats the advantage of being in a forum, members are looking around at all places for information and sharing it with others. Keep up the good work.

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  • waitingGC
    02-07 02:06 PM
    It is just speculation that it will take 10 years or 15 years. Actually past 3 years atleast 50% h1 were used by TCS,WIPRO and similar companies. So those who are processing gc is less. But it may take some time to clear current backlog as we had 195k H1 cap till 2003. If 65k h1 cap is there then it will be 3 year waiting period for EB2 and 4 to 5 year for Eb3. People will speculate based on number of H1s. But their calculation is not including the number of people who are giving up and also many people are going back. But if they increase H1 then the situation may become worse. I think one time releif will be enough to resolve the issue for
    next 5 years. But Skil bill is asking too much(May be for permanent resolution of
    gc issue) and opposition is more as anti immigrants are quoting the numbers. Remember in 2000 the relief of recapturing previous few years did not attract
    large opposition and passed easily. Simlarly if H1 increase also limited for 2 or 3 years that can be passed easily as we can convince Senators like Sessions.
    But if we keep on asking so many numbers of H1 and Gc and also exemptions
    for Master degree then we have to wait for CIR as this will have lesser impact
    in numbers compared to illegal immigrants.

    Yes, you made a very good point. I totally agree with you. Most people here do not really care about the fundamental immigration reform as long as they can get their GCs. Maybe instead of asking for SKIL which is very controversial, we should just ask for visa number increase for a specific period, for example, 5 years. That will solve our problem and is less controversial. After 5 years, all of us here should have had our GCs. The rest of the problem can be left to other people.


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-01 10:00 AM
    That's interesting...from my visits to various threads and from wait times of my friends (3 to precise) who recently got naturalized, the average time after receipt of N-400 to taking oath is around only 4 to 5 months.
    Good to know, thanks. Maybe we were reading different threads :) One thing though, because of the heavy rush of citizenship filing in 2007, combined with the election-year pressure of 2008, petitions were fast-tracked in recent years. There are so many confounding factors, anything is possible.

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  • nirenjoshi
    03-10 05:15 PM
    One of the IV members has requested me to post this info.
    He contacted his senator to get the total number of pending EB apps for India.

    Please see the response from the senator in the following link. It has pending applications by category.

    Any reason why only numbers for Texas and Nebraska have been provided? Doesnt Vermont do I-485 processing- atleast the processing time has a row for I-485?


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  • RNGC
    05-23 02:12 PM
    You have a point...Ideas like yours should be given good consideration.

    But IV core team has lots of experience and they have even started having talks with USICS directly, is'nt that a big achievement!

    We need to try different ways to contact the law makers and find out which one is easy to implement and works efficiently.

    When you call the law makers and tell them you support XYZ bill.. my question is what do you get out of it!

    When the lawmaker realizes that he is getting 10000 calls from LEGAL aliens,
    >who are not from his constituency,
    >who can�t vote and
    >who can�t contribute to his election campaign�
    what is the motivation for the law maker to support the bill�

    So to avoid sounding stupid and foolish and desperate when you call� a more logical approach would be to :
    a) Generate a public petition form on IV website and have all the members� login and sign the forms digitally�
    b) Then have IV reps.. fax them and send them to lobby groups �.
    c) Lawmakers will listen to one talking head�and not worry abt 1000 calls that borders on ..�saar �support the bill saar�..

    How many of you have actually talked to the lawmakers? Its always the assistant!

    But instead .. someone says we have a signed petition of 25000 members effected by immigration mess �. And it�s a hi tech workers lobby group ..every lawmaker will talk to you and not the assistant!

    Conclusion: calling the lawmakers haphazardly is actually hurting IV a certain extent!


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  • pthoko
    06-19 12:45 AM
    IMG is very good but they dont cover pre existing conditionsl.

    What do you mean by IMG is very good?? Could you please elaborate??



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  • gc_ki_khoj
    07-16 01:08 PM

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  • WaldenPond
    11-13 04:11 PM

    Thanks for all the efforts you have made for us. Just contributed 200$ , please ask others to contribute too. Together we all need to give that one last giant push......

    Friends ,
    I appeal to all of you, this is the best time to start enegizign ourself and contribute for the cause.... I have done my second contrbution ...let's do it..

    Hello anurakt,

    Thank for contributing again to IV. You and other members like yourself would be the reason for IVs success in changing the flawed green card system.

    Thank you for encouraging other IV members for contributing. As you know, this is very important and more amongst us should encourage our fellow IV members to contribute. Often times it is evident that few IV members are struggling to keep a positive tone on the forums. As you may have experienced, it is easy to post few messages here and there. The message of some of these posts is to throw out ideas for others to implement. But in the end, the success of our community will depend on the contribution from kind members like you. Thank You.



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  • gc_chahiye
    07-26 12:30 AM
    Advantages of EAD far outweigh the disadvantages. Unmarried individuals of PD 02,03,04(eb3) might have a reason to worry but not the rest.

    there is one other catch in EAD (not just for unmarrieds): if your I-485 is denied you go immediately out-of-status and need to leave the US. If you have maintained H1, you can stay until that runs out (no further extensions though). So there is a safety net that H1 provides because of which many (esp. primary applicants) maintain their H1 even as they use AC21 etc. Also recommended by Murthy, Fragomen etc.

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  • rajeev_74
    07-19 12:54 PM
    I'm travelling...I pledge 100$ towards this...


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  • n2b
    07-18 01:07 PM
    Pd: Oct 2005
    Reached Nsc: 7/2 9:01 AM
    Rejected: Don Know
    Ck Cashed: Not Yet

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  • fundo14
    07-16 01:26 PM
    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.



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  • indyanguy
    06-12 05:17 PM
    It�s really a sad state for us, first the lawyer�s then the BEC delayed the cases, then the july fiasco.

    With a PD of 11/01 I am not sure porting to EB2 will be worth it specially with premium I-140 gone and the costs associated, ????? :(

    I strongly think it's worth it

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  • lost_in_migration
    04-11 10:47 AM
    I've sent my $100 towards $150K...a drop in the ocean...a drop nonetheless. Thanks to the IV team :)


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  • cal_dood
    10-10 01:35 PM
    In the end it comes downs to your risk profile and expected rate of return. For example Gold is supposedly safe, but is this a good time to buy ? It is at an all time high (Around $850-900 an ounce. It was around $250 an ounce in 2000). Will it go further up, most probably, but nobody can say how much. Will it come down - you bet.

    My take is - all the things in the list are vehicles of diversification. In a portfolio you should have some gold, real estate, stocks, bonds etc. and you need to constantly re-balance your portfolio as per your situation.

    Also, if like most people, you don't know how to time the market, dollar-cost averaging is a good option. If you want to add gold to your portfolio, don't buy all of it today. Buy it at intervals - a friend of mine had a very good way to do it. He bought a gold coin at every family occasion - Birthday, Anniversary etc.

    If you are not in india, then you are somewhere to earn more than you do than in india. So investment is safe if you can afford to invest in that property without a loan. If you are taking a loan you are getting ripped off. STOP there.

    to me agricultural land is next to investment in gold. agri land always holds value(sale value) or appreciates over time. Always you can get decent return by farming something there. So my belief is you always get 6%+ return on investment over short/long period of time.

    city properties are just a ripp off. So get only one property if you want to live for yourself.. Investment of say 50 lacs on a flat(condo), may give you a good rent. But for how long? and what % of interest you pay on that loan? And what will the aging affect be on that flat!!...
    that way land | house is better choice!

    To me below are investment items first the highest safety + return(decreasing order or preference)
    1. gold(other precious metals)
    2. treasary bonds../govt assured accounts
    2. agri land(either in india or US, in is labor is higher)
    3. city independent houses
    4. select mutual funds
    5. stock market
    6. Condos

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  • lvinaykumar
    11-03 10:28 PM

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  • gcformeornot
    01-30 09:54 PM
    on both

    11-14 11:31 AM
    Lou "Liar" Dobbs is coming to Michigan ...................................

    Don't be suprised if you start receiving dirty looks from American co-workers at your worksite. Worst case you and your family may get mugged by a stranger who has been fired up by the recent "progressive" baloney that cheap foreign labor is preventing "minority" communities from receiving their fair share of STEM jobs.

    If such unfortunate incidents increase in the future, you know whom to blame - YOU. If only you were more active in protecting your interests, such incidents could've been avoided.


    Walking_dude I really appreciate your passion.

    What do you mean by inactivity of a collective "YOU" ? Inactivity in taking on people like Lou or inactivity on participating IV campaigns to get GC quickly ?

    If you are talking about taking on people like Lou, with all due respect, this is over simplification of the issue. Lets face it, He has the highest ranking show in CNN. Most people who indulge in populist propaganda will be successful , at least in the short run. You need a HUGE propaganda machine even to attempt to take on him. Just read the transcripts of his program to find what kind of words he used against Newyork governor (Indicative of his arrogance from success).

    On the other hand if some one gives me a look based on how I look, they will give it even after I get my GC and Citizenship. The mugger will not ask me my visa status. I get mugged even after I became a citizen.

    This is not to support the inactivity. I appreciate the efforts put in by one and all and I believe those actions help reduce the suffering.
    This is just to point out the fact that some members wittingly or unwittingly suggesting that not having GC is cause for all problems. It certainly help alleviate some but it is not a cure all.

    Once again I am merely trying to they are two different issues.

    01-31 01:27 AM