Monday, December 31, 2012

Green fields wallpaper

Green fields:Fields are the beauty of this world these are look very beautiful at morning. Fields are the best place to visit them at morning as morning walk. In the fields there are many beautiful views of nature.  Flowers in the fields serve our mind with new and refresh thinkings. The poets worte their poetry with the view of flowrs and fields. At the mroning the fog drop lets fell on the fields whole night and at the morning they shine with the sunshine and look as small diamonds. Therefore, people chose their walk in the green fields they gives our eyes refreshment and they sharp our mind. Here blew we are publishing some beautiful snaps of beatiful fields you may like these wallpapers and visit them with great leisure. Some of these are blew:
 This is also a beautiful view of the green field looks so attractive. You may like this wallpaper. This is also place near the town. The people of this town visit this place daily and look after this place. This time of crop is the mid time of the crop when crop not to ripe and not so small in the middle age of the crop. When the crop rap then the colour of the crop will be yellow and then the season will have so hot. The crops rate and the harvest in the summer season. Crops harvest manually and also by machine. But in the past all crop was harvested by manually and no machines are available but with the development of science machines are produced and they make life of farmers is so easy and their works divide into parts and make them so easy.
 This is very beautiful view of green fields. These fields are in the villages. The villagers visit these fields every morning and whole day because everywhere these fields are spread there in the villages. This is one of those reasons that villagers are healthy to citizen people. Cititzen people can't be compared with the villagers because they healthy and power full to city poeple. The lived in green fields and in fresh environment and eat pure things and drink pure water which is gifted us by nature.
This snap is of flowers fields which looks beautiful and amazing,. The view of this image is also beautiful with sunset.
 In the past the crops were not of this type as in this image is shown. People make land by hand or with the help of animls and water is avabile for crops only they depend upon the water of rain. But now a days science make them so easy they make many stream and rivers near their fields are they gave water to their fields with the help of electricity whenever they want time and rain requirements are closed. Therefore, the crops or grown in a good condition and preserved foods in different ways by crops.
 This is another snap of fields which is taken in winter season. This crop will is now ready to harvest and their wheat is also ready to eat. In the past wheat was in so small quantity but the people were also in small quantity. Now number of people increased with time and the growing crops are also increase in quantity.
 This is very beautiful snap of grass which is grown for animals, this grass is for those animals which severe us by milk. Those animals which served by milk like to eat green food like grass and other crops when they  were on green stage not when they ripe up.

 This is very beautiful snap of grass which is grown for animals, this grass is for those animals which severe us by milk. Those animals which served by milk like to eat green food like grass and other crops when they were on green stage not when they ripe up.
 This is also very beautiful field of animals foods and this image is taken at the time of evening.

 This snap is of flowers field. Flowers fields are only produced flowers not any food. Because flowers are also used for many perfumes and medicines and used on many more places that is why flowers are grown for sale.  Many people grow flowers in their fields instead of foods and other eating and medicine things they produced flowers. Flowers fields looks very beautiful instead of all the fields. Flowers are one of the most beautiful thing in the world.
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